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HackNC is a weekend for students of all skill levels to broaden their talents. Your challenge is to make an awesome project in just 24 hours. You will have access to hands-on workshops and demos from our sponsors, as well as exciting talks about the awesome things happening right now with computer science and technology - not to mention all of the free food, shirts, stickers, and swag!

HackNC begins with just a weekend, but we hope you will whet skills, make friends, and foster ideas here that flourish. Ready to apply? You'll need a laptop and your fanciest thinking cap - everything else is on us.

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Participants must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program to participate.  No professionals may submit projects for judging.


All code presented for judging must be written during the event. Contestants that violate this rule will be disqualified. The easiest way to avoid doing this is by trying something you've never done before.

Note: The information you input on this site will be used to generate judging assignments, but we won't judge your project based on what you submit here. Write a description, upload a few photos, and have fun with it, but don't worry too much about the contents of your submission.

How to enter

Registration for HackNC 2016 is closed.


UNC Professors

UNC Professors
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Judging Criteria

  • Usefulness
    Credit will be awarded to those projects that can demonstrate real-world applicability.